Core Principles

Dictionary definitions of "veracity" include -

habitual observance of truth in speech or statement; truthfulness;

conformity to truth or fact; accuracy.

At Veracity Health we provide our clients with the truth: data and information which accurately depict the current market situation, and which are used to forecast the most likely market developments possible. Our adherence to these standards allows our clients to proceed with confidence in designing and implementing clear strategic paths for their businesses.

We operate in a wide range of therapeutic areas and healthcare industry sectors. When confronted with a new consultancy challenge we ensure our clients of our:


  • osometWWIrresIIIrrespAs consultants, we are committed to engaging in partnership with our clients...understanding clearly their needs and expectations... while retaining an independence of thought. We listen to our clients but we tell them what they need to hear, not what we believe they want to hear.


  • We only offer consultancy services in areas where we possess demonstrable expertise. We play to our strengths, which allow us to deliver the value clients expect and deserve.


  • No knowledge or information obtained during the consultancy process is disseminated to third parties.


Engaging our services

We would be pleased to discuss the key points of your marketing challenges with you in a consultancy interview or site visit.