Commercial and Technical Due Diligence

When conducting due diligence, one error that companies occasionally make is to believe that due diligence may be conducted entirely using internal, and therefore potentially biased, resources. We strongly encourage clients to utilize an outside, confidential impartial resource when carrying out due diligence. Not only will these findings either confirm or rightly question findings from the internal due diligence efforts, but a modest investment at this stage may help clients to avoid a multi-million dollar blunder down the line.  


Due diligence experience includes:

  • Independent verification using primary and secondary research of the market size and growth rate for a peripheral vascular device
  • Assessment of a potential acquisition target, including interviews with senior management, interviews with the target's competitors, exploration of strengths and weaknesses of products in its portfolio, physicians' attitudes towards usage of the products, five year market forecasts of current products, and independent assessment of its product pipeline
  • Assessed the attractiveness of a medical device created by a university technology transfer unit, by gathering physicians' and patients' attitudes towards the device, and creating a post-launch market model
  • Conducted a market and technical due diligence study to support the multimillion dollar investment by a major private equity group in a coronary stent manufacturer. Assignment involved further advising the private equity client on market entry strategy for the target's new product lines.