Market Opportunity Assessment

Our overriding aim in market opportunity assessment is to fully explore and report on all of the dynamics shaping a particular market landscape. We can then be confident that we have provided our clients with the most rigorous, defensible information.


Understanding the scale of the market opportunity for a particular product or service does not depend solely upon identifying the size of the market in monetary terms. A comprehensive market analysis may require consideration of a range of topics, such as:

  • The historical development of the market
  • The actions and strategies deployed by small, medium and large enterprises operating within a particular market
  • The potential entry of new players and products and the anticipated impact this will have
  • The identified market trends and an assessment of how they will dictate future development
  • Sales touch points (physicians, nurses, hospital purchasers) and channels of distribution
  • Others, including macroeconomics, regulatory issues and end-user preferences and demands.

This list is not exhaustive; each assignment must be approached with an open mind if all appropriate factors are to be recognized and investigated. 

Previous assignments, at a glance:

  • Market forecasting and product pipeline assessment for potential acquisition of a peripheral vascular device
  • Market forecasting and product development for the in vitro diagnostics market
  • Market assessment of a novel marker for use in breast biopsies
  • Market assessment of a novel drug delivery device for use in the hospital emergency department
  • Market assessment of the antiviral drugs and vaccines market
  • Market assessment of the PACS and HIS markets.
  • Market assessment of the veterinary vaccines market