Pricing and Reimbursement

It is always essential to develop a shrewd pricing and reimbursement strategy--but it becomes critically important when, as today, marketing managers find themselves operating in an environment of historic economic shifts and wide-ranging healthcare reforms.


Veracity Health's team is expert in conducting solid, relevant studies designed to yield the pricing and reimbursement insights that the marketer requires. Among the tools that we employ are conjoint, Gabor-Granger and Van Westendorp methodologies. Because answers to the Van Westendorp questions do not address propensity to buy, this method should primarily be used to gain an indication of end-users' price perceptions and expectations.


Examples of engagements:

  • Analysis of reimbursement for spinal products in Germany
  • Pricing strategy for contrast media to dictate portfolio development and management
  • Reimbursement study for dental products in the UK
  • Reimbursement study for a new oncology biologic in the USA
  • Pan European reimbursement study for wound management products
  • Pricing study in US, Canada and EU for an analgesic using a novel mechanism of delivery.