New Product Development and Product Positioning

No company can afford to develop and launch products that the market does not need. Veracity Health can help, both at the early stages of development--to ensure that the product will truly answer an authentic need--and closer to launch, when messaging must be created which will position the new product as desired in the end-user's mind.


The exploratory methods used in NPD research include in-depth interviews and small and large focus groups. These may, depending upon the project, be conducted in-person, by telephone, in an on-line conference, or using a mix of methods. Analysis of the qualitative findings allows us to advise the client of the likelihood of success, as well as to point out potential hurdles which may have come to light from the interviews.

NPD and Product Positioning experience includes:

  • Analysis of potential channels of distribution for a new in vitro diagnostic device
  • Assessment of surgeons' usage of ablation devices in liver resection for design of a second generation device
  • War games to proactively address a competitor's launch of a new analgesic
  • Assessment of interventional cardiologists' reactions to a new handle design for a stent delivery device
  • Focus groups to evaluate several potential modifications to an airway protection device
  • In-depth interviews to understand the position of a rheumatoid arthritis drug in the minds of general practitioners and specialists.