Our Other Consultancy/Operational Areas:

  • Market Reports
  • Strategic Reports 

Market Reports

In-depth market analyses identifying market developments, market forecasting and competitive dynamics within the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.

Strategic Reports

By focusing upon analysis, Strategic Reports succinctly present the opportunities and challenges presented by recent trends in the life sciences markets.


To give an idea of the theme of a Strategic Report, below is a general outline of the Table of Contents* for Strategic Report: Infectious Disease Vaccines, coming in February 2012:

  1. Execution Points
  2. Coverage and Methodology
  3. Background: From the Immune System to Vaccines
  4. Classes of Vaccines
  5. Vaccine Development and Production: Achievements and Challenges
  6. Market Situation: [several chapters, including Influenza Vaccines, Human Papillomavirus Vaccines, Pediatric Vaccines, HIV Vaccines, Malaria Vaccines, Tuberculosis Vaccines and others]
  7. Business Implications
  8. Competitive Analysis
  9. Strategies and Scenarios
  10. Company Summaries


*TOC subject to change until publication.